Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Cosmic Law

‘I shall always be with you inside the eternal present’

is a truth I wish I understood:

to grace a trace upon the people we mingle with,

perhaps love, then remember them in their moments

as our tapestry of continuous living.

Such beauty that no earth bound philosophy can capture.

Our forever contact, eternal exposure, is a cosmic law

so sublime it goes beyond what I can manage in my

everyday personal touches, in soft embraces.



When you’re there, you’ll know exactly

All I know is that you know the truth, whether or not

You know it now: it is in you, as the cells compose your body.

When you realise you will laugh.

Everything in this life has been played as a recognition.

Talismans to remind us; to jolt; to wake us.

Truth is like a Priest’s hole in one on a Sunday: who can you tell who wasn’t there?

When you’re there, you’ll know exactly. Because you’ve always been there.

It’s returning to a place that is so familiar; you’ll recognise the voices.

The trick is whether we’ll wake.