Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Let it come down

An early dawn rises after a dark night,

just as our own personal djinns are purged

through effort into a new cleansed state.

So too will the world soul be plunged into its

own infernal chaos before light is drawn from

its well of deep reserves and a new epoch

is created from the ashes of a long history of

struggle and strife. Everything will know itself

in order to pass beyond its own weakness.

In the end it is a great plan, a great love.

A wonderful human, divine purpose.

Let it come down.



Thursday, July 07, 2005

Everybody’s place

As Icarus flies overhead, as wax melts and sunbeams burn,

so too do the brutal acts burn our own flesh and kin:

is this the world we, as single soul, must live within?

If even an individual limb becomes torn from our great body,

so too does each single limb on our own frame ache, as if each

sinew and tendon trembles from the wound of a global gash.

As above, so below. And as over there, so here too.

There is nothing separate, nothing new.

That which affects each other affects us all.

The way forward, to transcend, is a global call.

Each thought, step, sacrifice, gets counted: each atrocity

creates a scar upon our species face. This is not the place

nor time for such ancient, archaic understandings.

Life is in transition – our fate is now in position

for a most memorable move. It is everybody’s place.



The day London was blasted

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Singers of song

I am the dreamer I have known all along:

I created the song.

I am the wanderer I have met all along:

I wrote the script.

We know what we have always known, yet

left unkindled as a smouldering night-fire –

we are the writers of our own destiny.

We are the singers of our own tune.

Sing out, sing loud, sing on: don’t cower

from fear of misplacing the words.

Life snaps into play like a metronome,

each beat a burst into being, each tick, tock,

a heartbeat of our own begging clock,

desiring to be known, to be known.

Sing out, sing loud, sing strong.